ads Jurassic Universal Android Tool Latest v.5.0.3 Free Download

Jurassic Universal Android Tool Latest v.5.0.3 Free Download

Jurassic Universal Android Tool is the best product ever to handle all Android devices with respect to their particular need. This is a universal tool and easily usable in several means of Android unlocking, resetting, write Sn and IMEI numbers, open any kind of pattern lock with its pattern lock remover, SN changer, reed device information, read and write CPU details, delete Battery and other states.
Jurassic Tool
The Jurassic tool has so many features some of them are newly added and other are regular from the initial version. So before to get started have a look at this tabs and key features respectively.
  • Apps TAB
  • Service TAB
  • Droid explorer TAB
  • Memory TAB
  • Editor TAB

Key Features/function:

  • Made you're flashing much easier than ever.
  • It contains an APK extractor so you can see what's actually inside exist of an APK file.
  • A zip manager is managing your ZIP files which are currently present in y9our device of you download it from the internet directly.
  • Jurassic MTK IMEI rebuilder tool.
  • Get your backups from your internal and external SD cards memory.
  • Restore your lost camera files and uninstalled applications. These applications are including as Apps, games, social tools and multimedia programs.
  • The integrated Android flasher will enhance your flashing experience.
  • Uninstall and reinstall any suspect.
  • Send any code to another when required with the help of code sender function.
  • Fastest Boot or fast ADB with factory resetting and wiping all saved data.
  • Enable modifications for your device partitions and check for once and can allow you to edit, delete, rename or recreate any one.
If you have A13 type devices; mobile phones or tablets then this will give you to change all the serial numbers and also make you to bin Script to make editing possible. This needs to be the first root your device and then go ahead.

Supported OS:

It is specially designed for several windows OS like Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and Vista. No matters here you can use 32 bit or 64-bit screen regulation at your own choice.
A new update is supported by Android VCF reader.

Remember one point here when you installed Windows XP on your computer machine then you have to install .NET frame first. No matter your .NET frame can be framework 2 or later.

The above discussed all and more are enclosed at the given link provided below. It is safe, secure, free and easy to download right away. It comes with the latest version v5.0.3 having the very simple interface and now it is going to be most popular among different uni Android tools. It has full control over your all concerns with complete tutorial instead. Download it right now from this landing page and let us start to customize everything on your demand.

Download >>> Jurassic Android tool

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