How To Hard Reset Android Phone Using PC Software

How to reset Android Phones and Tablets using PC computer:

Hello, guys today I am going to share a tutorial to hard reset your Android mobile phones and tablets. This method of hard resetting any device is only applicable with PC. If you are using the desktop computer having any windows.

So here we go with a free solution of how to reset Android mobile phones and tablets using a laptop or desktop.

The method which I am going discuss right below is 100 % working. Don’t worry about this or any other issue. Because I personally test this and find the results successfully. Each and everything here I am sharing is pure almost helpful for our visitors.

Secondly, this method is also fruitful for those you wants to know how to use universal hard reset tool.

So let's have a look on the simple steps about how to reset Android phones and tablets.

First of all, you have to download universal hard reset tool and install it.

I am sure this is the latest version and it has all features including new once.

As in this tutorial we are using our PC to make possible modifications. That’s why we must require a PC in working condition.

Now connect your mobile phone or tablet to the computer using a USB data cable.

Here you don’t need to do anything it will automatically make a secure connection.

However, this connectivity offers a strong bond between both devices. First one is your computer machine and the second one is your smart device.

After the application installed just launch it from the desktop icon. This icon is automatically created on installation.

Double click to open the universal hard reset tool and you will see so many options there.

At the left navigation bar, there is Wipe or reset.

Just click on it and reset the phone.
This is somehow easy and preferably method as I personally use to do hard resets.

Remember that:

One more thing, I would like to say at the end to ensure all your data. You have to get the complete backup before to do a hard reset or flashing any device.

After the process, your data will format and totally removed. That will never be retrieved. So it is much compulsory to do so.

That’s all from my side. If you have any question about, How to reset any mobile phone and tablet with PC. Then is must refer you to the comment section. Leave your beneficial comment with your concern question. We warmly strongly welcome all your questions and suggestions.

There are almost so many other methods to flash or reset your Android. In the near future. You will find other methods like here consequently. Til that follow this method to reset your Android mobile phones and tablets.

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