ads China King Box Latest Setup V1.37 Free Download

China King Box Latest Setup V1.37 Free Download

Download China King Box Latest Version

Using boxes to flash mobile phone is not a new trend, but China King box with USB driver has given a new soul to this trend by adding new features and convenience. In the old day, the only expert had used boxes to flash mobile phones, and one had to visit a mobile shop to repair a mobile phone either it is updating of firmware or installing new ROM.

In the case, users had to spend a whopping amount of money. In the case of China King box, not only the beginner can use this tool, but also can repair their devices without any second person's help. The graphical user interface of this China King Box is up to the mark, everything is clearly visible in front of your eyes, and repairing of a phone would be in a blinking of an eye. 

China King Box Latest Setup Installer With USB Driver
So, do not hang around here and there, just come here and click on the download button at the end of this post, and download the latest file for you. You can use this tool to know your phone's internal hardware, software, and IMEI number. Sometimes user even does not know the model of the phone, this tool will notify you when you will connect your phone via cable with a computer installed China King Box. Hurry up, and download China King Box, from this server and install it on your computer. This tool does not have any compatibility issue; you can install it on Macintosh and Windows Operating system easily 

For flashing your phone with China King Box, just install it on your computer with a data cable. Enable debugging in your mobile. Before any flashing keeps in mind one thing, always make a backup of your important data, because there is undoubtedly a danger while flashing or updating your firmware too new OS.

After that connect your mobile with this device, an auto driver will start installing on your computer, keep it running and doing the installation. After that, you will see a notification of connecting your phone, there will be a prompt there to show you the model of the phone. You can click and select the job whatever you are desired to do. You can flash your phone, can read info, hardware information, software information, unlocking phone, removing pattern, IMEI writing, unlocking the network and other dozens of jobs related to your smartphones. 

Describing all the features of China King Box would be difficult, we just show you a trailer, to watch the entire movie, download the latest version of China King Box from our server and explore other more interesting features. We already have updated the link to download the file; you can tap on the download button at the end of this post.

Download China King Box Setup

Download China King Box USB Driver

This is the latest setup installer for Chinaking Box. If you don't have any flashing box and still willing to flash Chinese mobile phones. Then, try China mobile flash tool without Box from here on.

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