Maui Meta 3G/4G IMEI Tool V9.1724/V10.1816.0.01 Free Download

About Maui Meta 3G/4G IMEI Repair Tool:
Hello, friends welcome to our website page today on this page we are going to sharing Maui Meta tool old version new version update here on this page free download below the end on this page available. Maui Meta tool is the free tool that will help you to flash repair or write the IMEI on your smartphone. Maui Meta tool 3G/4G can be used on any Windows Computer it can be supporting Windows the lest including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 and ETC. It allows you to flash IMEI on MTK databased android devices. It also helps you to solve any other problems like block sim card or operator. Below the end on this page, we are sharing its official download links download free and install it on your PC and use it easily. 
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How To Use Maui Meta 3G/4G IMEI Repair Tool Below We Are Sharing Some Important Guidelines Points Follow Below: 
  • >First, you can click on the right download link and wait for a few minutes the download process complete
  • >After completing the download Maui Meta tool and Unzip it using Winrar or any other extracting software
  • >Open the Maui Meta tool folder and run on your administrator 
  • >Now wait till the application dashboard appears
  • > Under connection, type choose an option according to your device
  • >Click the reconnect button at the top
  • >Now power-off your android phone and connect your phone with your PC through use USB data cable
  • >When the circle color change to yellow, it means your phone. Your phone details appear
  • >Come back to the main dashboard of Maui Meta
  • >Choose the IMEI option form the dropdown menu 
  • >IMEI download box should be open in a new tab and click on Change NVRAM Database File
  • >In the new tap Window, choose the path of BPLGUinfo file (often named like BPLGUinfo CustomAppSrcp_MT65**...), select it then click Open
  • >Now enter the first 14 digits of the IMEI you wish to write and the digit entered in the CheckSum box will be the 15th digit of the IMEI. Once done, click on the download to flash (if IMEI keeps disappearing after a factory reset then try clicking the upload from flash instead)
  • >Once done you successfully written IMEI number for your device, you should see a message at the end saying download IMEI to flash successfully
  • >You are done to flash successfully and enjoy it
Requirements For Maui Meta 3G/4G IMEI Repair Tool:
  • Download Maui Meta 3G/4G tool latest new version old version download links below the end on this page we are uploading free direct one-click to download free. 
  • Download and install MTK droid tools IMEI repair. 
We always provide free official site download links download free from our website. If providing any download links can not working or unable to download at that time friends you can inform us below via commenting after reading your commenting we will change or update download links very soon.  Thanks, friends for choosing our website page to download Maui Meta Tool. The download links are ready below one click and direct free download. 
Maui Meta Tool V9.1724<<<>Download Free
Maui Meta Tool V10.1816.0.01<<<>Download Free

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