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Docomo Mobile Flash Tool is software that can be used to flash Android-based mobile devices. The software can be downloaded for free from the official website of Docomo. This program does not support flashing Android onto tablets, Chrome OS devices, and Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Docomo.

Docomo Hard Reset is an Android mobile flash tool

Docomo Hard Reset is a great tool for unlocking your Android phone. It has a variety of features, including a password recovery feature and a factory data reset. 

Hard resets completely erase user data, so you should perform them carefully. You should make sure you have access to your Google Account (both username and password).

If you're using an older Android phone, you'll probably want to install an older version of the Android mobile flash tool. You can also download the latest version for Android. The software has been updated several times recently. 

It supports a wide range of devices, from the X10 to the newest Xperia Android phone. While most people use the flash tool for flashing FTF firmware, it's also used to update firmware and remove phone locks. It also offers some extra benefits.

To perform a factory reset, you first need to enter the recovery mode of your device. After the recovery, your Android phone will boot to the Android system recovery screen. Select the option titled "Reboot system now". After the hard reset, your device will restart.


A hard reset will wipe the phone's internal storage of data. It will also erase your phone's settings. Make sure the battery is at least 50% before performing a hard reset.

It does not support flashing Android onto tablets or Chrome OS devices

The Android Flash Tool allows users to flash Android on recent Pixel and Android development devices. However, the tool does not support flashing Android onto Chrome OS devices or tablets. In addition, it requires users to have at least 10 GB of free space on their devices.

Although it has some limitations, it is still worth a shot. It only supports a small number of smartphone models and software versions and is still in beta form. However, you can still try it for free by following the instructions provided on the tool's website.

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