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EPUbor Ultimate is a software application that allows you to convert your books into e-books. It also has features that fix problems with metadata. You can also edit the metadata and cover of your book. It can also remove Copyright. This program is available for Windows and Mac computers.

Activation code

EPUbor Ultimate is a very useful eBook converter that removes DRM and iBooks restrictions. It also provides the super layout, encryption, and decryption, and all of these features can help you convert your eBooks in the most secure way possible. It is free to download, and there are no strings attached.

Moreover, this software can handle many files at the same time, and this can save you a lot of time and effort. It is a very powerful converter and can convert a large number of books in a short period of time. It is also capable of removing DRM protections on multiple files at once, which means you will never have to worry about compatibility issues.

User guide

Epubor Ultimate is a powerful tool for the conversion of ebooks. It supports ebooks purchased from the most popular ebook vendors. The program is easy to use and has the fastest conversion speed available. The tool has both Windows and Mac versions. The user interface is identical on both platforms, and it also has the same functions.

Epubor Ultimate can convert a variety of file formats, including EPUB, PDF, and AZW. It can also remove DRM protections from multiple files. The program is very intuitive and offers numerous customization options.

Conversion capabilities

Epubor Ultimate Full Version is a powerful tool for converting e-books to a variety of popular formats. It has a wide range of features, including support for multiple file types. It also allows users to transfer e-book files to e-readers, including the popular Kindle. 

Several types of output formats are supported, including PDF, EPUB, Mobi, and Mobipocket. In addition to a wide range of conversion options, the program can also edit metadata, including title, author, language, publisher, and ratings.

Epubor Ultimate offers a user-friendly interface that makes conversion a breeze. The main window displays a drop-down list of available formats and a space for dragging files. 

Once a file is selected, the software will scan and sync the contents. From there, users can drag and drop the file content into the main window and select an output format, which can either be ePub or PDF.


Copyright removal capabilities

The Copyright removal capabilities of EPUbor Ultimate are useful for people who read electronic books. Sometimes, this requires removing the DRM (Digital Rights Management) protection from the file. These protections are designed to prevent piracy and unauthorized use. The program is easy to use and comes with a simple interface.

Epubor Ultimate is capable of handling a large number of files in batch, saving time. It can process many files at once while preserving the original content and effects. It also has drag-and-drop features to convert multiple files. Another notable feature is an error reporter, allowing users to report errors and request fixes. Other features include editing metadata and automatic downloads.


If you're looking for a reliable e-book reader, you should consider downloading Epubor Ultimate Full Version. This application will convert books into various formats without losing their quality. It can also recognize E-ink devices connected to a computer via USB. In addition, it removes DRM from books.

Epubor Ultimate can also convert PDF and AZW3 files. It uses its own conversion core to convert books to e-reader-compatible formats. Its UI is also intuitive and does not have a steep learning curve.

Customer service

If you experience any technical difficulties while using Epubor Ultimate, the company provides a live chat feature and an email ticket system. You can also communicate with a technical support specialist through Skype. 

Customer service for EPUbor Ultimate is available around the clock. If you are unhappy with the product for any reason, you can request a refund within 30 days. There are also simple steps to deregister your Epubor Ultimate license.

Epubor Ultimate works on Mac and Windows but will not work on mobile devices such as iPad. It also has a trial version that allows you to decrypt 20% of a book. You can download the trial version for free but only the first 20 pages of each book will be converted to the standard text format. You can purchase a full version of the product for maximum conversion speed.

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